Developer & Manufacturer of Q-Link/SRT Products

Clarus Statement on EMF: Clarus and Q-Link are proud of our research and early stage testing on Q-Link's SRT™ technology, and we know we have much more to do in the area of EMF. What our science tells us is that SRT™ in the Q-Link CLEAR does not act as a shield against EMF, nor does SRT™ impact the physical body, but rather works in support of the natural energy systems that support the human body's healthy function.

To learn more about EMF, please see our EMF Resource Library.

You can see select Q-Link research here, or learn about SRT™.

You rely on your mobile phone... You enjoy your music and game players and all of your other handheld or body worn electronic devices. But ask yourself...

Could all this connectivity, convenience, fun and security come with a risk? Many experts think so, and they call that risk "electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure". Scientists and medical researchers still don't have a complete understanding about these risks, but there's no question that we should take reasonable precautions now.

Why take chances with your well-being? Boost your natural defenses against unnatural electromagnetic fields by using the Q-Link CLEAR!